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Bret Harte Elementary Programs

Aside from our core curriculum, Bret Harte has a variety of programs designed to create a great foundation for your child’s education now and in the future. From iPad integration in the classroom to English language assistance and a terrific after-school program, you will find that Bret Harte has gone above and beyond to make your child’s years as a Bear Hugger great ones.

RAC After-School Program

Learning does not have to begin and end during school hours. We offer an after-school program for those in need of more individualized attention or students looking for a more challenging curriculum. Please contact RAC at (559) 992-5171 to learn more about our after-school program. 

English Language Development

Bret Harte Elementary has a beautifully diverse student body, and we understand that for many of our students, English is not the primary language. We have put in place our English Language Development (ELD) program to help.


Living in such a technologically advanced age, we are thrilled to offer our students some of today’s best technology to help enhance our students’ education. Bret Harte Elementary students will receive an iPad to use in the classroom to increase their learning. Our teachers will use the iPads to teach the core curriculum and to help push their learning and understanding to new heights. You can learn more about this exciting and generous program on our school district website.