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Our School

The vision of Bret Harte is to become the education foundation where students receive a well-balanced and enriching curriculum using the latest technology in a safe and well-maintained environment in which parents are actively involved. We aim to make our vision a reality daily with classes planned and taught by some of the finest teachers California has to offer, using great technology resources, and by creating opportunities for parents to take a role in the classroom.

We Offer

At Bret Harte Elementary School, you will discover:

  • An after-school program
  • iPads in every classroom for every child
  • An engaging preschool program
  • English Language Development courses
  • Parent and community involvement

As you can see, Bret Harte Elementary School is comprised of several different components, which create an exciting learning atmosphere for your child that will make learning fun. We look forward to welcoming you to the Bear Hugger family!